Welcome to my site !

284 days ago

This is my Dice Collection site. I have about 2500 to 3000 dice.


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What is New ?

284 days ago

August, 2018

Aug 11

Added photos of one of my dice storage boxes.


Apr 5

I have some new dice. I hope to photograph them and update the site in 2018.

I have all my posts/articles here for my dice, but I don’t have all the menu at the top updated yet. I’ll work on that as I have time.

Not all links on the site navigation lead to a page. I’m working on that. I’ll post when they are complete.

I have fixed the links. I have more dice to photograh and upload, link to, etc. I’ll update when I have time.

Feb 18, 2015

Almost done with the new navigation menus.

October 30, 2013

Evidently people like to steal my photos. gophoto.us being one of them.

serppatts net/textpattern-sites being the other one

Link to my site, don’t steal my work !

updated: July 22, 2013.


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several of my dice boxes

284 days ago

Closed and open photos. No movable partitions in this one.

Rubbermaid storage box, I probably found it in kitchen storage in a big box store.



a third storage box


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