2015-02-17 17:34

Welcome to my new dice site !

Note that I don’t buy, sell, nor trade anything.

Someone wanted to know where to buy dice. I have bought dice in game stores, tourist shops near the beach, relatives have bought them for me as holiday and birthday gifts.

Why do my d4s look upside down ? I scanned them. They are sitting flat on the scanner glass.

The 1.75 inch dice I found is not the largest plastic dice made, I found some that are 95 mm/3.7 inches. Thats larger than a softball… they cost 56 dollars. Each.

I now have, in 2006, a pair of plush dice. D6s, around 10-12 inches across.

I have plush d10 and apair of plush s20s. 2007/2008.

Note that there are folding paper dice boxes of 6, 12, and 18 inches across. Dice balloons and candle, etc. in party favors.

I didn’t realize folks collected dice, just to collect them. Many of my dice are ones I bought back years ago from Gamescience when they had a store. Since then I’ve bought dice from stores still in business made by Chessex, Armoury, and Koplow. Sadly, Koplow doesn’t sell to folks retail, only stores. There are a number of Koplow dice I would like to buy. Most of the web pages I have found that have Koplow dice only have small partial listings, nowhere near the number of dice listed on Koplow’s pages… argh.

I have over 2000 dice, I’m not sure of the exact amount. I was rather disconcerted to find a page where someone says they have over 35,000 dice ! The storage of that many dice could be a bit of a problem. For me it would be, may not be for that collector.

One thing I found aggrevating is that many of the web pages for dice sales seem so poorly written that its impossible for anyone to find dice they might be looking for. I guess some folks get so desperate for dice, they put up with crappy web pages. Myself, I wont, I have to be able to easily navigate a business site, or they don’t get my money.

I don’t use dice bags… I use storage boxes of plastic with dividers. Some of the other gamers I know use fishing lure boxes for their dice.

A special note: Gamescience made d6s back in the 1980s with opposite sides that didn’t add up to 7 !

Somewhere I saw an advert for a closeout on dice with compass directions on them… I think they were Koplow dice, but its not on Koplow’s pages. Not that Koplow accepts non-store orders, because they don’t. The directions ? NNW, NW, WNW, etc.

I looked at the really tiny 5mm d6s years ago, and then my eyes started hurting. I don’t own any.

I’ve purchased about 250 dice using the ‘bowl of dice’ from Chessex at a convention. I now have slightly over 800 dice. Some of the new ones I’ve never seen before. March 22, 2003

I got curious and started looking around various web pages for dice and dice types. I have d4, d6, d7, d8, d10, d tens/10, d12, d20, d30, and dice of various sizes.

For those of you looking for Casino dice, many of the casinos have gift shops you can order from online.

I scanned some of my dice. Click on the small picture for a larger view. A few only have one size view.




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