Mardi Gras dice

2010-04-04 04:14

I guess I should explain where the Mardi Gras dice came from, what that is about.

In Mardi Gras parades in the southern United States, the people on the parade floats toss things to the crowds as part of the parade.

Mostly they are necklaces of plastic beads. They can also be plush toys and other things.

What I have are Mardi Gras beads I got during parades and purchased at local stores.

What does it cost the parade watchers ? Nothing.

It does cost the people on the parade floats. They go to stores, or mail order the items. Get into costumes. Take the throws to the parades. And toss the throws to the parade goers. Yes, they pay for their costumes, floats, and throws. The parade goers, those standing alonside the parade route, pay nothing.

I know that some folks think Mardi Gras is obscene and has naked people in it. Few parades have that. Most places you take off your clothes, and you will be arrested. The same holds true for Mardi Gras. That means no flashing, no dropping of pants.




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